A Diet Is Not A Lifestyle

title diet is not lifestyle.jpg

A diet is not a lifestyle. Let me say that again - a diet is not a lifestyle. I’ve recently come across a few people on social media who describe themselves as having a paleo or keto lifestyle and I just can’t get behind saying this. No matter the diet, it shouldn't be your lifestyle.


My dislike of this phrasing has nothing to do with the diets themselves, it’s that you are describing yourself by using a diet. You are giving too much importance to these diets. I get it, you’ve found a way of eating that you really like and, yes, healthy eating is important. My issue is that the way you eat should not define you.

Being defined by your eating is giving your diet too much importance. While healthy eating is important (I’m a huge advocate of this, obviously), it shouldn’t be your lifestyle. What you eat shouldn’t define you. You are so much more than what you put in your mouth. There are so many more interesting things about you than what you eat. Really.

If I eat a piece of chocolate cake, it doesn’t define me. It doesn’t make me bad. Just as if I drink a kale smoothie for breakfast, it doesn’t make me superior. It’s just food.

Don't let healthy eating, or the quest for healthy eating define you. Eat well and your body will feel it. Honour your hunger and fullness cues. Don't let your eating be the only thing that consumes your thoughts or determines your activities or holiday plans. Don’t become your diet.

That is all. End rant.